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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  January 1, 2016 4:20pm-4:31pm EST

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history for information on our schedule and to keep up with the latest history news. >> all weekend american history tv features oakland, california incorporated in 1852, it is located about six miles east across the bay from san francisco. cspan's city tour staff visits and showcased the city's history. learn more all weekend here on american history tv. >> the first significant number of migrants game in early 1848.
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word got back to china that they were coming to the province area, and it picked up with more coming in 1849 along with people from all over the world because of the discovery of gold and it was a big deal. san francisco is where all of the ships coming from asia dropped off their passengers. san francisco was the first place that chinese migrants would see. but oakland, because it was only across the bay and probably an easy boat ride in those days across san francisco bay that
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they had good agricultural conditions, a sunnier climate. that occurred about the early 9 1850s. there was hostility and violence, so china town became a refuge for many of those chinese migrants coming over who were mostly young men and it became a safe place where they could find people of their own background, language, culture. the combination of their wanting to be together, but to me the biggest factor was getting away from the hostility and violence that was very much an experience for the early chinese in the
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1800s. >> in april of 1906, a huge earthquake on the san andreas fault really destroyed parts of san francisco including it's much bigger china town. and one result of the 1906 earthquake and fire was that the destruction of san francisco's china town meant that the chinese people were there and needed a place to go and oakland was probably the closest place with a chinese community, so many thousands came from san francisco, temporarily settled, they grouped and helped the chinese from san francisco settle here temporarily. there was a refugee camp a few
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blocks from china town where refugees were housed. the other important thing about 1906 is that the earthquake and fire destroyed records at san francisco city hall. birth and death records. by that time the chinese were restricted in their illegal immigration to the united states because of the exclusion act. here is an opportunity for chinese in the bay area. san francisco and oakland, so say our birth and death records, whether they were there in san francisco or not, are no longer existing. member we can come up with some ideas and plans and schemes to tell the government that we were born in san francisco. those records are gone, there is no way for the government to
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impeach my claim and we can say we were sons of natives or native born. and that began the entire paper sons scheme that allowed chinese living in the united states to say they were born here in the united states and that they had children in china, and they would like to sponsor those children in china and family in china to come to the united states into a number of chinese came during the most 1906 earthquake period all of the way through the repeal of the exclusion act in 1943 under this paper son, paper daughter scheme including my father. we're in the middle of the pacific renaissance plaza which is a big complex.
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there are housing -- oh, maybe 12 stories above us, and on the bottom two are businesses and offices. i see this as a symbol of the transition from the old china town of my parents days and my youth, to the new china down that is much different in the sense of diversity, dialect spoken, regional roots. because what happened in 1965 was that congress passed a an immigration libelization that opened up more league spots for people all over the world and immigrants from asia, china included, took advantage of the increased immigration slots, and this is the explanation for why
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beginning in the late 1960s the united states is becoming much more multicultural and color ieszed, if you will. the stories of some so called people of color, minority americans are still not very well known to the american public. in the literary cultural world, and in the narratives, the immigrant experience, there are many many many choices for european immigrants. for the jewish american experience. the irish american experience, including for the german american experience. for the greek american experience. and i think there is also a
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great body of work for the african-american experience. some great writers who have contributed to american cultural life. for many, many, many decades. it is a little thinner in my estimation. i still think there is a need to tell the story from as much as i can, the perspective, of a chinese man from the county that exported the most chinese to american during a certain period of chinese american history. i want to at least contribute a chinese american man story in a more -- so there would be an understanding of what came
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before this big wave of chinese american, asian americans that are now all over silicon valley, the medical community, the university communities. contributing greatly to american progress, to american science, to american technology. before that there was a group of people that built america in those days doing all sorts of things, agriculture, railroads, the wine industry, all sorts of hard labor. i want more people than that. our city's tour staff recently travelled to oakland, california to learn about it's rich history. learn more about oakland and other stops on our tour at
4:30 pm you're watching american history tv all weekend every weekend on cspan 3. this new year's weekend, american history tv is featuring gold medal award ceremonies, first an award ceremony honoring astronauts john glenn, neil armstrong, michael collins, and buzz aldrin. in an hour, a 1963 nasa film biography of john glenn, the first american to orbit the earth. [ applause ] >> ladies and gentlemen, the chairman of the united states house of representatives


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